For over 36 years, Innovation Building Maintenance has excelled in providing top-notch building services across various market segments. Their dedication to quality, combined with a "hands-on" approach, has fostered enduring partnerships. Adherence to the ISO 9001 standard and a commitment to sustainability, including eco-friendly products, underscores their operational excellence. Innovation's focus on quality control and adaptability to customer needs has been key to their success.

Innovation Building Maintenance faced challenges in managing a large, recently inherited union site. They encountered inefficiencies due to overlapping job roles and a lack of accountability. Andrew Hood, VP, articulated the situation: "We just inherited a large union site... we had overlapping job descriptions, right?" It was extremely difficult for the organization to deal with troubling staff and there were no answers in sight.

Choosing Mero was driven by the need for innovative technology and positive industry feedback. Hood explained, "A colleague in the industry spoke very highly of it," underscoring the influence of external endorsements. Mero's potential to enhance operational efficiency and provide data-driven management solutions aligned perfectly with Innovation Building Maintenance's commitment to industry leadership.

Implementing Mero led to transformative results. Hood noted, "We had one problematic employee seek employment elsewhere which was a good thing for us," showcasing the system's effectiveness in staff accountability. Mero also improved union relations and allowed for more informed management decisions. The technology's tracking and reporting capabilities significantly boosted operational efficiency.

Looking forward, Innovation Building Maintenance plans to extend Mero's use to customer-facing aspects, like verified cleaning, and integrate consumable tracking technology for additional cost savings. Hood's vision for the future is clear: "Now we can use the technology of Mero for... the customer-facing side, verifying cleanings." This expansion aims to enhance transparency and trust with clients while maintaining operational excellence.


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