Kemco Integrated Services was established in 1989 as a total facility service provider, providing services across the Southeastern United States. Their service offerings include total facility services like HVAC, food equipment, and janitorial services. They are a one-stop shop and have built up a strong reputation in Alabama and beyond for their transparency, commitment to excellence, and high-quality service offering.

Kemco faced some challenges at a gaming site that was 24/7 that had a suite of liability concerns revolving around slip and fall. The site wanted to ensure their cleaning staff were checking on restrooms hourly, and wanted an audit trail to be created in case of any potential liability risks. Existing solutions, including increasing staff on-site, were cost-prohibitive and challenging to implement. 

Kemco originally discovered Mero during their investigative process for proof-of-presence products. “One of the things we liked most about Mero was we didn’t have to have supervisors log into an app,” says Wesley, who remarked that many app-based products can have low adoption due to the friction of using mobile phones. “Mero eliminated all of that.” Combined with the ease of implementation and value of generating automated audit logs of cleaning, the choice was easy for Kemco.

Kemco had always been pressured to provide proof-of-presence via manual methods before. Once Mero introduced its automated Cleaning Validation solution in their client site, it eliminated any of the manual work that cleaning staff had to do before. Kemco experienced “immediate results in the field with with happier customers,” as a result of implementing Mero. Specifically for Kemco: “knowing exactly what time we have certain team members in a particular zone in the building has been a tremendous tool for us.”

With the success at their initial client site, Kemco plans to implement Mero across all of their accounts. They view Mero not only as a critical technology, but improves their ability to sell to new clients as well. As he closed out the conversation, Wesley recommended to other BSC’s: “I would suggest to other janitorial service providers to invest in a system like this… to help you provide a better product to your customers”


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