Track and prove usage of your buildings

Mero tracks foot traffic in any area of your buildings using occupancy sensors - so you can dispatch cleaners to the right place at the right time, prevent complaints before they arise, and align with clients on pricing and scope of work.

Identify traffic hotspots with an occupancy heatmap

See the most and least frequented areas and peak usage times. Schedule cleaning and allocate staff based on the unique ins and outs of your buildings.

Maximize efficiency by prioritizing cleaning based on usage

Reduce wasted cleaning time by scheduling cleanings for maximum impact, freeing time for more valuable tasks like deep cleaning.

See which areas are overcleaned or under-cleaned; easily build schedules and create work orders accordingly.

Price contracts and renewals based on reality

Instead of relying on visual cues or someone else’s data, use existing occupancy data to create custom quotes that accurately reflect usage and manage cost adjustments when occupancy varies.

Here’s how you can use Mero’s occupancy data to stand out and win more business


Offer cost-reduction plans

Create win-win situations by measuring occupancy data and adjusting your scope of work to maintain your margins while reducing costs for clients.


Provide data to help your clients’ operations

Send your clients reports to help them see what floors are being visited to help them make better space allocation decisions.


Prove to clients that people are using the space

Show your clients how many people are using each space and which areas need to be cleaned instead of providing vacancy credits.


Provide a “concierge-level” of cleaning

By knowing exactly how your buildings are being used and getting alerts when a traffic threshold is reached, you can service high-traffic areas faster and prevent them from deteriorating.

Why top BSCs choose Mero

30 seconds to install

Mero’s peel-and-stick sensors require no drilling, alterations, or wiring and can be installed by anyone.

95%+ accuracy

Mero sensors are among the most accurate battery-powered sensors available. Get exact headcount on incoming and outgoing traffic on top of traffic trends and peak times.

Drives real-world action fast

Mero gives you course-corrections and insights to maximize efficiency so you always know exactly what do to to improve your operations.

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Frequently asked question

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Is it secure?
Our building has its own occupancy tracking. Can you use data from another system?
Do I need to cover my whole building to do occupancy tracking?
How do cleaners know which areas to clean? I can’t have people leaving one area to clean on the other side of the facility.