Transparency and efficiency become the norm

Commercial cleaners must meet more demanding standards while struggling with razor-thin margins and labor shortages. Mero gives you visibility into what’s happening on-site so you can do more with less, get ahead of issues and raise your level of service.

Supply Monitoring

Monitor supply levels in real time so you can respond faster and reduce tenant complaints.

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Occupancy Monitoring

See your building traffic in real-time and identify peak times so you can allocate labor efficiently.

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Cleaner Validation

Get service delivery validation to make sure cleaning is done according to the scope of work

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4 ways Mero helps you deliver stellar cleaning results

See what’s happening on-site at all times

You can’t be everywhere at once. Automated work logs give you complete visibility into the history and length of cleaning sessions without disrupting cleaners, so you can trust that everyone is following the scope of work and maximizing their time.

Maximize productivity during a labor shortage

Forget static schedules. Mero dispatches your cleaners to surgically target areas based on high traffic. Your staff can spend more time deep cleaning instead of busywork, idle time, or walking between areas.

Save time by preventing tenant complaints

Every complaint costs you valuable time: emails, calls, sending your site manager to fix it. Mero dispatches cleaners whenever there’s high traffic or supplies are running empty so they can get ahead of issues instead of reacting to complaints.

Bring hard data to the negotiation table

Stand out from the competition by using real-time data to prove your team is following the scope of work and meeting compliance goals. Occupancy data also helps you negotiate pricing and how much work needs to be done.

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