Simple monthly pricing

No CAPEX, 3-year contracts, or hardware costs.

Mero Control Centre

The fastest way to gain transparency over your cleaning operations.


For Building Size

10k to 49k SF


For Building Size

50k-100k SF

Custom Price

For Building Size

Over 100k SF

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Up to 5 wireless, energy-efficient beacons 
(15$/mo per beacon for additional one)
Unlimited base stations
100% automated work logging 
for accurate service delivery validation
Upload and manage your scope of work and routes

Mero Dynamic Cleaning

Get real-time occupancy and maximize productivity
by prioritizing cleaning based on usage

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Explore top use cases


See, validate, and prove what your cleaners are doing across your sites.



Identify traffic hotspots and maximize efficiency by prioritizing cleaning based on usage.



Maximize office cleaning efficiency with real-time usage of desks and meeting rooms.


Frequently asked questions

Does Mero require an upfront cost to set up and deploy?
Does Mero require a binding 3-year contract?
Are you Op-Ex or Cap-Ex? How does payment work?
What’s the time investment for us to get started? We’re really busy.
Can we just start with beacon or occupancy?