For seven decades, Impact Cleaning Service’s approach has been about doing the little things right. Communicate clearly, train all teams thoroughly, and develop data-driven solutions that scale. Over a long partnership, these actions compound to big, impactful, results. Impact has been providing industry-leading janitorial and facility services since 1954. From their headquarters in Toronto, they service 300+ locations encompassing almost 35 million square feet, 24 hours a day – 365 days a year.

Impact Cleaning Services knows the challenge that property management clients put on them to provide value over and above the standard of duty. Impact prides itself on being forward thinking and innovative to build trust with their clients. “The operative word in all industries in data… Commercial real estate is catching up but solutions like Mero are really helping speed up that [adoption].” When Colliers put their Yonge and St. Clair office portfolio for tender, Impact knew Mero would be the perfect solution to feature in their RFP.

For the Colliers team at Yonge and St. Clair, occupancy data is the first step towards complete understanding of site operations. “Knowing a site of this size, of this prestige, a client like Colliers that is data-driven, and knowing the ownership group cares deeply about taking care of their tenants, Mero was a perfect fit,” says George. Having a good relationship with your clients and seeking ways to benefit them is a mindset that the best janitorial providers are putting themselves in.

Impact Cleaning featured Mero in the RFP for Yonge and St. Clair as the client saw immense value in the occupancy and cleaning performance data Mero provides. This allowed the janitorial provider to move swiftly in deploying Mero’s system, as the client was eager to get started. With Mero, Impact Cleaning experienced fast implementation and instant results. “From the award of the RFP… we contacted your team, and within a week, your team had the deployment in place.” It’s no doubt that Mero’s solution helped win this business for Impact Cleaning.

Looking forward, Impact Cleaning continues to leverage Mero across their proposals to improve, win, and manage their cleaning teams. Impact is committed to feature Mero across strategic properties, and their entire operations team is leveraging Mero’s Cleaning Validation solution to validate check-in times, cleaning audits, and quality-assurance.

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