Unlock cash savings without extra work

Property managers have too much on their plate and too little time. That’s why we designed Mero to be hands-off. Turn it on and sit back while consumables waste and tenant complaints drop fast.

Supply Monitoring

Monitor your building’s dispensers in real-time, save on costs, reduce waste, and keep them well-stocked.

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Occupancy Traffic

View occupant traffic in real-time, see peak times and patterns so you can allocate labour efficiently.

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Cleaner Movement

Get visibility into the movements of cleaners and proof of work with history and length of cleaning sessions.

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Our customers get results

In annualized savings
Savings on consumables
Projected labor cost savings per year

3 ways Mero helps you
elevate tenant experience while saving costs

Cut consumables cost by up to 35%

Mero alerts cleaners to refill at the optimal time so your supplies are always stocked without any waste. Unlock savings that would otherwise be thrown out into landfills.

Prevent bad tenant experiences

Mero alerts your cleaning teams instantly via mobile whenever paper rolls or soap dispensers are empty so you can proactively fix issues instead of reacting to tenant complaints.

Verify cleaning compliances are met

Know for sure that cleaning is done right. Mero shows you real-time cleaning schedules including the length and history of cleanings so you can better align on the scope of work, goals, and pricing with your cleaning contractor.

- Adam, Property Manager at QuadReal


In annualized savings


return on investment

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