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No extra work
for cleaners

No training, mobile device, or manual input is required for your cleaners

Easy to install

Self-install base stations in 1-2 hours. Peel and stick sensors can be installed by anyone in 30 seconds.

Drives real-world
action fast

Mero gives you course corrections and insights to maximize efficiency so you always know exactly what do to improve your operations. 

One platform to track, maximize, and prove cleaner productivity 

See what your cleaners are doing on-site

See in in real-time which tasks your cleaners are doing, remaining tasks, and how productive they are. Drill down into specific areas or buildings to spot inefficiencies at a glance and prevent issues.

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Maximize productivity by cleaning based on usage

See the most and least frequented areas and peak usage times. Reduce wasted cleaning time by scheduling cleanings for maximum impact.

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Prove the quality of your services

Send your clients reports in seconds to prove how often areas are being cleaned, instead of ballparking it.

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Build better contracts 

Use existing occupancy data to create custom quotes that accurately reflect usage and manage cost adjustments when occupancy varies.

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Built to work with your existing solutions

Integrate Mero with existing sensors, QA tools, complaints systems, sales data, and business intelligence software. Export Meros’ data to other internal applications. 

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Track, manage, and prove cleaner productivity



Maximize efficiency by prioritizing cleaning based on usage


Desk Occupancy Monitoring

Get real-time usage of desks and meeting rooms.


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Frequently asked question

How do I train my cleaning staff to use your platform?
How do cleaners get notified? Do the cleaners need smartphones?
What data will we be able to see?
What is the battery life of your sensors?
Will I have to change any of my existing equipment?