The new way to clean public spaces is here

Mero provides everything you need for smart cleaning and hygiene in a commercial building.

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The Mero sensing system is empowering dynamic cleaning

Dynamic cleaning

is here to stay

Mero provides a smart cleaner routing platform to help better manage commercial cleaning.

Property Managers

Provide the best quality experience to your tenants and clients. Mero becomes your operations control centre for everything cleaning and hygiene.


Feel confident in your space.  Demand the best quality service from your landlord with real-time occupancy, transparent cleaning practices, and visual displays.  

Cleaning Staff

Mero empowers cleaning staff to be as efficient and effective as possible. Provide the best quality service you can with intelligent alerting powering your shift.  

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Your space, our platform

No matter the space, we have a sensor to monitor and provide improved cleanliness. If you have a cleaning team, we can help improve your workflow.
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Mero’s Platform


Tenants matter, and tenants want transparency.
Give them comfort through transparent cleaning practices.

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Take the guesswork out of cleaning.
Empower cleaning staff with an AI-powered route. Your new building map.

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Data and reporting for critical cost-saving decision making. Your control centre for cleaning and hygiene.

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Monitor your building’s supplies in real time, reduce waste, save on costs, and keep your dispensers well-stocked.

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Gain valuable building insights, such as peak traffic times and busiest areas to help make smart decisions and optimize your spending.

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Automated work logs with a privacy-centric focus for a more intelligent workplace. Improve efficiencies without invading privacy with Mero’s proprietary beacon technology.

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Integrated building data, where you need it

Connect via a seamless API to your building management tools, single pane of glass tools, smart building microservices, and project management tools. Eliminate manual data entry
by connecting to the tech that you use.
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Centralize project pipeline tracking by importing new and existing project data from Airtable.

A global network delivers real-time, real-world insights that provide leaders with decision-making capabilities.

Provide support for modern industrial and commercial IoT networks, with the latest in wireless networking technology.

Building integration and data management tools for System Integrators and Building Operators.

20M+ ft²
100+ Buildings
2000+ kg

Mero has been fundamental in not only improving our technology offerings to our clients, but also providing insights and feedback into ways we can improve our own internal processes. We have been in business for over 65 years and have seen countless new technology companies come to market, but few have been able to provide value the way Mero has.


Commercial Cleaning
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Your space, our secure platform

Mero collects zero personal data, with networking architecture designed for security.  Your building should partner with companies that value privacy. We tailor our solution to fit your building needs, all while ensuring tenant security and privacy is at the centre of the product.

The future is dynamic cleaning

Find out why 100+ buildings are using Mero to empower their cleaning staff.