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Cleaning Validation

Track, validate, and prove cleaning tasks without adding extra work for your cleaners.


Occupancy and Supply Monitoring

Monitor usage of your buildings so you can schedule cleaning for maximum impact and price your services based on data, not guesses.


Quality Assurance
and Inspection

Conduct QA and Inspections in Mero’s app to complete the task verification process.

Driving cleaning efficiency across industries

Colliers sped up response time to priority issues by 500%.

Show your clients how you’re fulfilling specific SLAs, illustrate the positive impacts of your adjustments, and highlight how you’re going above and beyond with error-proof service delivery validation.

How Yorkdale Shopping Centre is saving $4016 monthly in cleaning costs within 60 days

Oxford Property Group turned to Mero to improve cleanliness, reduce shopper’s complaints around food courts and increase customer satisfaction while reducing labor costs.

An awesome building

Canada’s largest airport increases labor efficiency by 20%

Pearson Airport uses Mero to route staff efficiently to priority areas. By reducing unnecessary trips from parking garage restrooms, Pearson airport is increasing labor efficiency by 20%.

Works with 300+ popular apps

Integrate into your existing workflow, from payroll, to CRM’s, to cleaning softwares
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