Maintain compliance with payroll standards with validation that requires zero manual input from cleaning staff

Integrate into your existing payroll system

Pass visit data to your payroll system. 100+ integrations with leading payroll providers with Mero’s API.

No-touch, no-tap automated presence detection

Never fuss about payroll start and end times. Mero’s Cleaning Validation solution provides you the exact time of entry/exit and improves cleaner timeliness.

Rich cleaning analytics for performance improvements

Obtain cleaning rates, response times, and time spent actively cleaning and utilize this in your team performance reviews. 

Payroll is just one area we optimize

Discover the Cleaning Control Center for Commercial Buildings when you integrate it into all of your workflows, from BI tools to CRM’s.

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All hardware costs are included

Lite Tier

Check-in/Check-out functionality

Integrate with your Payroll, Workforce Management, and Performance

Limited to 3 base stations per building

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Frequently asked question

How do I train my cleaning staff to use your platform?
How do cleaners get notified? Do the cleaners need smartphones?
What data will we be able to see?
What is the battery life of your sensors?
Will I have to change any of my existing equipment?