Mero Control Centre

See, validate, and prove what cleaners are doing across your sites

Spot incomplete tasks at a glance, defend against slip and fall claims and prove the quality of your service with the most efficient way to validate cleaner tasks.

Everything is done without adding any extra work for your cleaners.

Mero powers operations for the world’s top janitorial companies

Why top BSCs choose Mero

Get up and running
in 1 hour

Get pre-configured base stations that can be installed by anyone in 1-2 hours.

No extra work for cleaners

No mobile phones, training or manual input required from cleaners. Get accurate work logs automatically without disrupting your cleaners.

Built for scalability

Mero’s ease of implementation and flexible pricing make it an ideal solution for deployments across hundreds or thousands of sites.

Pinpoint where your cleaners are across your facilities

See in real-time where employees are in your buildings for risk mitigation, health and safety, work loading, and meeting cleaning SLAs. You’ll see what tasks they’ve completed, what remains to be done, and other critical productivity metrics.

Hold cleaners accountable and prevent tenant complaints

Verify that cleaners are following the scope of work from an objective source, free of human error. Managers can easily see incomplete and remaining tasks at glance to proactively fix issues instead of reacting to tenant complaints.
“We can see exactly what our people onsite are doing. We can find ways to improve our processes and become more efficient. By giving more visibility to our clients, we keep ourselves and everyone accountable. Mero raises the standard in the industry.”
George Boutsalis
Vice President at Impact Cleaning Services

Defend against slip and fall claims

Track and prove when was the last time specific areas were cleaned using Bluetooth beacons paired with base stations. This detailed history of cleanings is created automatically and requires no manual input from cleaners.

Give your clients tangible feeling that cleaning was done

Prove the quality of your service by showing your clients accurate data on how often the areas are being cleaned, instead of ballparking it. Show how you’re fulfilling SLAs, dealing with complaints, and going above and beyond with irrefutable data.
“Verification of the cleaning is invaluable to our customers. We can show with a report that our cleaners has been in a space. It provides assurances to our customers that the area was actually serviced.
Christopher King
Senior Vice President at Hallmark Housekeeping Services Inc.

Do more in a single platform

Everything you need to monitor and prove cleaner productivity to stand out from the competition and deliver more customer value.


See employee locationand performance in real-time
Spot incomplete tasks and inefficiencies at a glance
Address issues before hearing complaints

Work order management

Upload and manage your scope of work
Supervisors can track, verify and maximize cleaner performance on the go
Schedule custom and periodic tasks

Service delivery validation

Get an automated audit trail with exact dates and timestamps at the completion
Provide clients with accurate data on how often specific areas are cleaned
Defend against slip and fall claims

Quality assurance
(Coming soon!)

Get trending data to examine how you are missing or excelling by category e.g. dusting, vacuuming, etc
Create new work orders and notifications from the inspection form of a task that needs completed
Score using any system, e.g. APPA, 1-100%, Star Rating, etc

How it works

Mero captures what’s really going on site, surfacing potential issues early so you can prevent complaints and maximize efficiency.

Mero helps you install base stations in key locations of your buildings where work orders are performed. These create geofences that can be customized to range from 3x3 to 100x100 feet in size based on your needs. Your cleaners carry Bluetooth beacons that ping the stations when nearby. This automatically confirms the presence of an employee at specific times and durations ensuring task validation without manual input.

Upload your scope of work, shifts and cleaners

Upload your scope of work for any site. This lets your supervisors drill down into each cleaner, track unfinished tasks and validate completed tasks.

See employee location and performance in real-time

Arm your supervisors and managers with data on employee location, remaining tasks, and task progress. Spot inefficiencies by monitoring SLA compliance, complaints, response time, and cleaner performance. 

Improve results by adjusting yourscope of work 

Mero surfaces operational inefficiencies. Put these insights into action fast by creating new work ordersand reallocating labor where there are gaps.

Prove the quality of your service

Get automated reports and send them to all stakeholders to prove that the work is completed according to the scope of work.

We know you need proof that Mero works for your team and your buildings.

Start a 30-day pilot. 

Book a first site call

It’s designed to help you understand the value of Mero, get buy-in from all stakeholders and set the stage for scaling across your facilties. 

We have loyal customers that started with pilots in shopping malls, office buildings, airports, casinos, and movie theatres ranging from 25,000 to over 100,000 square feet.

What to expect


First Site Set-Up Call

30 minutes

Select the perfect first site and provide us with information for an accurate quote.


Virtual Site Survey

30 minutes

Send us your floor plan or let’s do a virtual walkthrough to configure base stations according to your needs.


Hardware installation

1 hour

Receive pre-configured base stations. Install them in your pilot site in 1 hour.



30 min

Upload your scope of work, users, shifts and buildings. Start tracking, validating and proving your work.


All hardware costs are included
For Building Size
10-49k Sq. Ft.
For Building Size
50-100k Sq. Ft.
Custom Price
For Building Size
Over 100k Sq. Ft
get started


Up to 5 wireless, energy-efficient beacons (15$/mo per beacon for additional ones)
Unlimited base stations
100% automated work logging for accurate service delivery validation
Upload and manage your scope of work and routes

Frequently asked questions

  • Where is Mero Control Centre used?

    Our clients are using Mero Control Centre to get transparency into their operations across property types including retail stores, office buildings, airports, casinos, and movie theatres.

  • What does the installation look like?

    Using your floor plans or via a virtual walkthrough, we custom program base stations that create up to 10x10 meters or 30x30 feet geofences. These are shipped to you and you can install them within 1 hour.

    It registers every time a cleaner with a beacon enters and exists a room.

    Pricing includes unlimited base stations.

  • How is the data transmitted throughout the building?

    Base stations are installed in key areas in your building where tasks are completed and require a 120 volt outlet within the area.

    If it’s in the restroom, it would typically be under the sink or the ceiling.

    On every 10 floors, we would install a router or gateway. That’s collecting all of the signals and sending it to the cloud which gives you access to all the data on the Mero platform.

    Everything is done independently of your wifi network.

  • Can you preload the app with recurring tasks?

    Yes, you can easily program custom tasks and periodic tasks.

  • What’s the size and battery life of the beacons?

    They are the size of a keychain and powered by replaceable lithium-ion batteries that can run for 12-18 months.

  • Can Mero Control Centre replace my time tracking and scheduling app?

    Absolutely. The Mero Control Centre is a great alternative that provides accurate employee location and task progress while removing many compliance problems including the need for cleaners to clock in and out and to manually verify that tasks have been completed.

  • Can you upload pictures or attach files?

    Yes, if your workflow requires it, that feature is available.

  • Can you integrate with other work order or building management tools?

    Yes, we can easily integrate with any existing work order or building management tools including Krieger, IBM Maximo, Zerv, Yardi etc.

  • Is it anonymous and does it work in unionized environments?

    Mero is an ideal solution for unionized environments. Unlike others solutions that uses GPS on employee phones, Merobeacon uses a physical beacon, making it’s functionality transparent.

    The beacon tracks employee movement within the site only. The information collected is private and secure, and employees can be identified with generic labels instead of personal information.

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