Demand-Based Cleaning For The Flex Office

Maximize productivity by dispatching cleaners to the right place at the right time based on real-time usage. Prioritize essential tasks and free up time for cleaners to do more work that matters.

Built for cleaning

We purposefully designed our own sensors for cleaning. We control the entire supply chain and quality control process and assemble them in Canada.

30-sec install

Mero’s peel and stick sensorsrequire no drilling, alterations, orwiring and can be installed byanyone.

95%+ accuracy

Get exact headcount on incoming and outgoing traffic on top of traffic trends and peak times.

Optimize space utilization with desk usage reports  

Determine average percentage of unused desks for space allocation and scheduling. Get reports and drill down into peak times and which spaces are being used more frequently so you can adjust patrols.

Clean better and faster with less labor

Reduce wandering across areas and floors by 20%. Because cleaners don’t have to waste time cleaning spaces that haven’t been used, they can respond to priority issues faster and spend more time on high-value tasks like deep cleaning.

Prevent bad tenant experiences before hearing complaints

Empower supervisors to spot incomplete tasks across their entire team. Precisely dispatch your cleaners based on occupancy thresholds so they can proactively fix issues instead of reacting to tenant complaints.

How it Works

Accurate monitoring

Sensors monitor which groups of desks and meeting rooms have been used.

Upload scope of work

Upload your scope of work, routes, and custom tasks directly into the Cleaner App.

Smart cleaner routing

Cleaners are routed to specific spaces based usage

Frequently asked questions

What type of sensors do you use for occupancy traffic?
How long does your battery last?
Is it secure?
Our building has its own occupancy tracking. Can you use data from another system?
Do I need to cover my whole building to do occupancy tracking?
How do cleaners know which areas to clean? I can’t have people leaving one area to clean on the other side of the facility.
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