Say goodbye to paper forms, QR codes, and barcodes

Mero’s QA leverages the power of Mero’s Cleaning Validation system to save time and reduce complexity to your inspection process
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Save cost on phones and cellular plans for cleaners

Mero does not require cleaning staff interaction, so you can save the costly expense of providing phones to your staff. Supervisors are given the power to validate and inspect cleaning tasks with Mero.

Know if cleaners have been in an area before your inspection

Leverage the power of Mero’s Beacon to show you the exact time stamps of cleaner entry and exit before your inspection begins

Perform standardized inspections

ISSA or APPA inspections are able to be configured with automatically scheduled inspections for your supervisors. Easy access to industry best practices with ISSA Clean Standards or APPA levels

Skip past apps that are no better than paper

Focus on priority areas that have been under or over-serviced. Bring a higher level of customer satisfaction with Mero's QA module

How it Works


Install base stations in key locations of your buildings. They create geofences that range from 3x3 to 100x100 feet based on your needs.

Your cleaners carry Bluetooth beacons that ping the stations when nearby. This automatically confirms the presence of an employee at specific times and durations ensuring task validation without manual input.

Upload your scope of work, shifts, and cleaners

Upload your scope of work for any site. This lets your supervisors track, manage, and validate tasks for any building, floor, or shift.

Track cleaning tasks and employee performance

Supervisors and operation managers can see completed tasks, remaining tasks, and incomplete tasks. They can drill down into specific dates, buildings, floors, or employees.

Complete industry standard inspections

Leverage the power of Mero’s Beacon and conduct powerful quality assurance inspections with cleaning verification timestamps.

Prove the quality of your service

Send reports in seconds to all stakeholders to prove that the work is completed according to the scope of work.

No inspection software has ever had the power to prove, without any touch or tap, where cleaners have been.

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Frequently asked question

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