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Cleaning providers are facing intense pressure to do more with less and prove the quality of their services. The days of operating based on guesses are gone. You need real-time data to make proactive decisions and provide more customer value. That’s where Mero comes in.

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5 ways Mero helps you create value for customers

Provide a “concierge level” of cleaning 

Mero shows you how your buildings are being used and sends alerts to your team when a traffic threshold is reached. 

This lets you allocate labor based on the unique ins and outs of your buildings, empowers your cleaners to service high-traffic areas faster, and prevents spaces from deteriorating.

Prevent complaints instead of reacting to them

Every complaint costs you valuable time and reduces trust with your clients. 

Mero surfaces potential issues before they happen so you can proactively pinpoint problem areas, get recommendations on corrective actions, and put them into action - all from one platform.

Prove the quality of your services

Track and validate what your cleaners are doing on-site without adding extra work for your cleaners using Bluetooth Beacons.

Then, impress your clients by sending reports in seconds. Give them a tangible feeling that the cleaning is done by proving how often areas are cleaned, that you’re fulfilling SLAs, and dealing with complaints.

Maximize productivity and create savings for clients

Labor represents 90% of your costs. 

Mero helps you make the most out of it by tracking what your cleaners are doing and prioritizing cleaning based on usage. So you can reduce wasted cleaning time and deliver savings to your clients.

Create win-win situations by pricing contracts based on occupancy

Tired of relying on visual cues or an Excel sheet sent by clients to determine occupancy?

Mero lets you track usage of any area of your buildings. Use it to align with clients on pricing and scope of work based on data, not guesswork.

As occupancy fluctuates, prove to your clients that people are using your buildings instead of providing vacancy credits. Or adjust your scope of work to maintain your margins while reducing costs for your clients.


Get accurate data, deliver stellar cleaning results

Get insights into cleaning tasks, employee productivity, and building usage.

See what your cleaners are doing on-site

See in in real-time which tasks your cleaners are doing, remaining tasks, and how productive they are. Drill down into specific areas or buildings to spot inefficiencies at a glance and prevent issues.

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Maximize productivity by cleaning based on usage

See the most and least frequented areas and peak usage times. Reduce wasted cleaning time by scheduling cleanings for maximum impact.

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Prove the quality of your services

Send your clients reports in seconds to prove how often areas are being cleaned, instead of ballparking it.

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Build better contracts 

Use existing occupancy data to create custom quotes that accurately reflect usage and manage cost adjustments when occupancy varies.

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