Manage high touch point areas with immediate cleaning alerts after use

Integrate your room booking with dynamic cleaning solutions for seamless space utilization.

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The simple 3-sensor cleaning analytics platform


Monitor your building’s supplies in real time, reduce waste, save on costs, and keep your dispensers well-stocked.

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Improve occupancy analytics by viewing real-time traffic and occupancy in your building. Real-time occupancy empowers real-time decisions.

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Transparency into cleaning with Mero's Bluetooth beacon technology. Create a cleaning map within your building through effective way-finding within buildings.

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From the lobby, to the restroom, to the tenant workspace. Mero has you covered with flexible IoT solutions customized for your space.
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Tenant satisfaction and cleanliness visuals, in the palm of your hand. Bring visitors back to work with Comfort.

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Real-time notifications of low supply. Cleaning staff are empowered with an AI-powered smart route to save 35% of cost on supply and 20% of cost on labour instantly.

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Get the entire picture of your portfolio in one location. Build reports, view cleaner performance, and make long-term decisions on contracts with Dash.

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