Improve cleaner workflows with historical data

Beacons are critical for transparency, improving efficiency and automated work logging.

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Beacon by Mero

Manual cleaner work entry is outdated, time consuming, and prone to missed check-ins. Beacons enable cleaning staff and companies to shine by having clear, automated work logs.

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Privacy-first, always

Beacon is non-intrusive and cleaner routines are not modified, with zero-touch, tap, log or call.  The technology can be anonymized for users, and work logging stops outside the building.
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Quality data empowers quality decisions

Beacon’s precise location tracking allows for high quality location data. Machine learning algorithms then use location data obtained from the beacons to show when and where tasks are completed throughout the day. 

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Stay connected with long-life batteries

Energy-efficient wireless beacons can run for years on tiny batteries. Stay connected while on the move.

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Seamless building wide integration

Beacons can be used to track cleaning anywhere in a building, whether its restrooms, lobbies, meeting rooms or tenant workspaces. 
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How to use Beacon

Cleaning data for tenants

Share relevant “last cleaned” info for building visitors, vital information for today’s building.

Transparency into cleaning

Non-invasive beacon technology gives you insight into their actual cleaning, and nothing more.

Obtain the highest quality data with AI powered insights

Beacons have the ability to clean and smooth traffic anomalies using modern approaches.

Improve efficiency with AI powered insights

Plan out routes based on usage and cleaning times. Beacons provides the insights required to make better cleaning decisions.

Built for cleaner workflows

No tap, no problem. Cleaners clean exactly asthey normally would, now without any manual input or tapping.