Understand occupancy in real-time

Knowing an area's peak demand, time last cleaned and the current number of visitors is now top of mind.

Traffic by Mero

MeroTraffic gives you actionable data on traffic flows, all with sensors that take less than thirty seconds to install per device.

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Understand total building occupancy

Sensors in lobbies and critical entryways provide day-to-day building occupancy rates, empowering smart cleaner scheduling. Gone are the days where buildings were 97% occupied on a daily basis. 
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Real-time occupancy of rooms, common spaces and lobbies

With 2-way occupancy, understand the real-time number of people in a restroom, meeting room, shared space or lobby. Provide peace-of-mind to tenants looking for space occupancy metrics.

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Cleaner routing systems powered by AI

Understand the areas that need attention immediately, and the areas that can be left for later. Cleaning staff can now prioritize important tasks and eliminate wandering. 

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Standalone or supplement existing solutions

Occupancy works as a standalone product, and is bolstered by Mero Supply sensors for further actionable ROI. Mero Traffic is as scalable as it gets.
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Benefits of MeroTraffic 

High-traffic alerts help keep your building safe

Dispatch cleaning staff to busy areas to mitigate any sanitation concerns. High traffic means high priority.

Up-to-date info on number of visits

Tenants can get information about the last time an area was cleaned, the number of people that visited since last cleaned, and more.

Time spent between locations is time spent not cleaning

Half of the average cleaner's time is currently spent traveling between locations. Cut that down by more than 20% with Mero's AI-powered routing system.

Real-time alert of issues

See the areas that need urgent attention and direct staff to those areas.