Cleaners are notified when supplies run empty, so your tenants don’t have to

Reduce complaints, maintain a premium tenant experience, and save on supply costs with Mero Alert.
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Cleaner Capabilities

Machine-Learning Powered Routing

Cleaning staff are alerted of areas before they run empty, and in the fastest time possible based on their location

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Mero Beacon Fob product image dynamic automation cleaner scheduling

Integrated with Beacon

Use the Mero Beacon product to bolster your Alert installation. Understand response times, time to clean, and more powerful analytics with Beacon and Supply.

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Immediate Escalations

Tenant issues are highest priority and get immediately escalated to a supervisor.

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Double Verification

 Mandate a flawless cleaning operation by verifying cleaning history. Mero sensors automatically detect when a dispenser refill has occurred, and you can mandate cleaners verify the work via the cleaner app as well.

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Push Notifications

Convenient on mobile and desktop, never miss a supply alert with push notifications.

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Low supply or high traffic, stay in the loop

Seamlessly integrated with Mero’s hardware to ensure your cleaning staff never miss a thing.

Empower cleaning staff

Give cleaners as much input as your building allows. Mero’s flexible notification system allows for variable follow-up times and more.

Attend to issues before your tenants notice

Mero’s alerting system triages cleaners to the area before tenants find it.

Cleaner identity stays private

Once a shift ends, so do the pings. Your cleaners identity stays private with Mero.

Customized thresholds

For that tenant that demands a little extra service, set thresholds to customized levels based on their individual needs.

Works on any mobile device

Alert works with your mobile device, whether it’s iOS or Android.  Flexibility in device means easy-to-use functionality