Stand out for the competition

Commercial cleaners are competing in a hyper-thin margin business. Mero helps you differentiate by providing real-time data so you can identify ways to save labor hours, price more competitively and win more bids.

Supply Monitoring

Monitor your building’s dispensers in real-time, save on costs, reduce waste, and keep them well-stocked.

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Occupancy Traffic

View occupant traffic in real-time, see peak times and patterns so you can allocate labour efficiently.

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Cleaner Movement

Get visibility into the movements of cleaners and proof of work with history and length of cleaning sessions.

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Our customers get results

Reducting in trips to unnecessary areas
Increase in labor efficiency
Increase in deal win rate

3 ways Mero helps you
win more business

Verify cleaners work without being on-site

You can’t be everywhere at once. Automated work logs give you complete visibility over the history and length of cleaning sessions so you can trust that everyone is following the scope of work and maximizing their time.

Maximize labor efficiency with dynamic cleaning

Mero routes your cleaners to surgically target high traffic areas based on usage - not arbitrary routines. Your staff can now spend more time deep cleaning instead of busywork, idle time, or walking between areas.

Save time by preventing tenant complaints

Every complaint costs you valuable time: emails, calls, and sending your site manager to fix it. Mero alerts your cleaning teams instantly via mobile whenever dispensers are running empty so you can proactively fix issues instead of reacting to tenant complaints.

Bring hard data to the negotiation table

Forget pen and paper logs. Show real evidence that your team is following the scope of work and meeting cleaning compliance goals. Occupancy tracking also helps you negotiate how much work needs to be done based on real-time traffic.

Our Customers Loves Us

“We can see exactly what our people onsite are doing. We can find ways to improve our processes and become more efficient. By giving more visibility to our clients, we keep ourselves and everyone accountable. Mero raises the standard in the industry.”

George, Owner

- George, Owner

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