The 3 Technology Must Haves for a Return to the Office in 2022 

While Zoom meetings and loungewear have been our day-to-day for the past two years, commercial property managers are working on return to work plans.  Eventually, offices will start to re-open and tenants will continue trickling in. But how do we fully get back to normal and bring people back to their desks? 

COVID has forever changed how we feel about cleanliness and hygiene. Cleanliness is the key to the most important ways to get tenants back to their offices and help everyone feel comfortable in clean, sanitized spaces. 

Touchless Smartphone Entry

Almost everyone now has their smartphone on them everywhere they go, so it’s no surprise that touchless smartphone entry is the future of smart buildings to minimize the spreading of germs across high traffic areas. Nearly 50% of survey respondents were searching for smartphone entry in their office for a return in 2022.

Mero’s Comfort technology is playing a key part in this, especially in smart washrooms. By allowing tenants to see exactly when an area was last cleaned, the level of important supplies like soap, and the current number of visitors, tenants can make an informed, health-conscious choice about whether or not to enter a building. 

Smartphones are helping people track everything from potential COVID exposures to real-time news alerts. Now, smartphones can also proactively protect your health and help you feel more comfortable in the areas you go, and in 2022, the importance of this simply can’t be overstated.  

Empower cleaning staff with Mero's smart cleaning technology.

Transparent Building Policies

Enticing people out of the comfort and safety of their homes to go back to the office isn’t easy in a global pandemic, but one of the key ways to do so in 2022 will be more transparency surrounding cleaning processes. 

Sharing information is key. In fact, surveys show that nearly 50% of tenants want more transparency into cleaning and other building policies. This is where Mero Spaces will transform your building’s cleanliness, help create smart washrooms, and motivate tenants to head back to the office.

Mero Spaces allows for real-time dispatching of cleaning staff to spaces that have been used, including desks, meeting rooms, seating areas and more, plus visibility by tenants on their status. And if these spaces haven’t been cleaned and sanitized yet, tenants can alert building staff with the touch of their fingertips. 

Not only does Mero smart washroom technology help improve transparency and comfort, but also empowers tenants to feel in control of the cleanliness of their spaces. 

Indoor Air Quality 

One of the main concerns about returning to the office has to do with indoor air quality. Alleviating these concerns by instituting an air filtration system is key: they monitor and improve air quality, removing pollutants and particulates like COVID-19. 

These systems can integrate seamlessly with technologies like Mero’s smart washroom solutions to provide clean air and clean spaces, making tenants feel infinitely more comfortable. Mero’s technology can direct cleaners to areas that need attention so that your buildings feel clean, comfortable, and sanitary at all times. 

Smart Buildings Are the Way Forward 

Recovering from the impact of COVID-19 won’t be easy, but helping people feel comfortable in public spaces again is one of the first steps to moving forward. Mero’s smart technology is a critical part of bringing people back to offices and putting life back into buildings. 

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