The future of commercial cleaning is here

Variable building occupancy has brought in new ways of doing business in commercial property management operations. Dynamic cleaning is the central way of doing so. Work with our Mero partners to build your Dynamic Cleaning use case.
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Mero custom reporting and consulting network

From Mero’s customized reports, to working with 3rd party consultants, Mero is experienced in finding you the data solution you need for your building. Book a Demo today to learn more.

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Clean what’s needed, not what’s scheduled

On-demand routing is at the heart of your cleaning operation. Drastically change the way your cleaning business operates with Mero.

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Save up to 10x in costs with Dynamic Cleaning

See here for a case study on how one property manager saved $2M in commercial cleaning costs by using Mero.
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Intelligent routes powered by AI

The smartest companies plan with data, and Mero has all of the data to create the most optimal route for commercial cleaning. Follow the “Waze for Cleaners” powered by AI.

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Join the hundreds of buildings already implementing Dynamic Cleaning for significant savings

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