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Smart Sensors Make Smart Bathrooms 

In hundreds of industries, we are realizing the benefits of automation. Traditionally, cleaning and hygiene have been left behind, but within Mero’s cleaning platform, commercial cleaning management is being introduced to the world of automation as well. With the Mero platform, cleaning schedules are not only automatically generated, but they are also optimized with artificial intelligence, helping ensure that your housekeeping team is equipped with the best cleaning software tools available. Within the first 6 months of implementation, our clients are already making a return on their investment (ROI). Savings like these sound too good to be true, but we can show the amount your building(s) can be saving with Mero’s new ROI Calculator.

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When considering new software and hardware for your organization, decision-making is something that can bring headaches. We are always looking for ways to ease the decision-making process through transparency with our customers. The ROI Calculator is a tool that allows us to assess the specific buildings that potential clients may be considering for us to give an accurate estimate of the value in savings we can bring to the specific building, specifically focusing on cleaning labour and consumables spend. Commercial cleaning and hygiene account for billions of dollars of value in the real estate world, so we are wise to pay attention to this key vertical in commercial real estate.  We pride ourselves on our ability to provide value to the organizations we work with. Beyond just savings, we are able to give a deeper understanding of their buildings through data and visualizations. 

ROI Calculator

The ROI Calculator allows you to envision the potential savings with Mero solutions in your building(s). To access the calculator, Request a Demo to meet with our team. A Mero Account Executive will provide a good understanding of what products best suit you. We take inputs specific to your building size, the number of restrooms and cleaning costs to give an in-depth and accurate estimate of projected monthly and annual savings with the Mero solution.

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