New Automated Cleaning Compliance Reports: Hit up to 50% more items in cleaning SOW

If you’re a property manager, operations manager, or commercial cleaner, you want to make sure spaces are cleaned on time and according to your standards. Most cleaning Statement of Work agreements has rows and rows of tasks that only micromanagers are capable of upholding on a daily basis. With the help of smart sensing technology, you can easily verify your cleaner's actions in the SOW. Allowing for more oversight and accountability, while saving you a lot of time. We wanted to apply this same framework to the Mero experience to help our clients verify cleaning work completion in their buildings.

To facilitate cleaning verification, we have developed Cleaning Compliances that work in conjunction with Beacon (an automated work logging system utilizing no-touch BLE keychains), a new feature to set cleaning expectations to see where standards are being met or missed. 

Compliance Tracking Feature Screen Capture

The form is building-specific, as each building within an organization may have its own unique set of standards and requirements for cleaning. For example, if you manage 123 Main Street, an office building, you would have a different set of requirements than 193 John Street, which is an exhibition center. The information from this form will then be used to generate a Cleaning Compliances Report on compliance for particular buildings and user profiles. 

Build Transparency with Cleaning Compliance Reports

With the Cleaning Compliances feature, you can set cleaning compliance expectations, verify compliance and receive reports regularly. To start, you can include your Statement of Work (SoW) from your current cleaning contract.  Additionally, you will be able to set cleaning compliance metrics offerings only available with Mero. Here are a few examples:  

  • Alert Response: Time (in minutes) for cleaners to respond to cleaning alerts
  • Refill Needed: Optimal dispenser refill (percentage) range for restroom consumables (Paper towel, soap, Toilet paper, etc.)
  • Traffic Response: Time (in minutes) for cleaners to respond to spikes in visitor traffic events.

Alert and Traffic Response time give important insights into how active cleaners are within your buildings. How quickly would you expect cleaners to respond to shortages in supply, cleaning needs, and complaints? On average cleaning teams that utilize Mero have a 51% faster response time in the first month of activation. 

The Refill Needed compliance metric allows you to choose the optimal dispenser level at which you would like refills to be performed. In low traffic periods, refill needed percentage alerts can be sent out at 5% - 10%  allowing for 35% reductions in supply waste. 

Compliances will be reset at the start of each shift and tracked only if there is a cleaner with a Mero Beacon present on shift. Users can set alerts to notify them if there are any compliance issues that need to be addressed. 

Overall, Mero's approach to verifying building cleanliness helps organizations maintain high standards in their facilities and ensure a safe and healthy environment for their employees.

Gif of cleaning compliances feature in action with step by step guide

Better working relationships

One of the key benefits of using Mero for commercial cleaning is its ability to help facilitate better working relationships between property managers and commercial cleaners. Through the use of real-time data collected from sensors placed throughout a building, Mero provides valuable insights into how well cleaning tasks are being completed, allowing both parties to quickly identify areas where they may be falling short.

Additionally, by making this data readily available and easily accessible, Mero gives property managers and cleaners a clear understanding of each other's needs and expectations, fostering greater collaboration and trust between them. Ultimately, by promoting transparency and accountability across all aspects of commercial cleaning operations, Mero is able to help businesses achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in this critical area.

Get Started with Cleaning Compliance Reports

If you are a Mero Customer that currently has Beacon installed in your building, you can start utilizing this powerful tool to increase transparency and accountability in your commercial cleaning operations. Mero customers also have access to Mero’s custom report builder to gather and visualize data from their buildings to support data driven decision making. Sign up for a demo to get started with Mero today. 

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