Introducing MeroLite: Transparency Over Cleaner Movement Made Simple

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of MeroLite - the most cost-effective way to get visibility over what cleaners are doing on-site. This is the result of our commitment to lifting the whole industry by making real-time transparency the new standard in commercial buildings' cleanliness.  

“Transparency is often the number one challenge for commercial cleaning services and their clients. We just made it even easier for our partners and customers to get clarity and make better decisions based on real-time data.”

MeroLite is powered by MeroBeacon, a solution that uses wireless fobs handed to cleaning staff to create automated work logs. Property managers and commercial cleaning owners can now see in real-time what’s happening with cleaning staff on-site: which spaces have been cleaned, at what time, for how long, and by which staff member. 

Key benefits of MeroLite: 

  • Get visibility over what cleaners are doing on-site - Get a detailed history of when and where tasks are completed throughout the day without disrupting your staff.
  • Make sure staff is following the scope of work - Save cleaners the hassle of manual work entries and forget spotty pen and paper logs. Get accurate proof of work automatically.
  • Bring hard data to contract negotiations - Mero’s automated work logs provide you with accurate data when it’s time to define cleaning mandates.

Who is it for? 

Property managers

  • Get evidence that compliance mandates, SLAs, and the scope of work are being met.
  • Give peace of mind to tenants by displaying the cleaning status of any space.
  • Negotiate contracts based on real-time data, not guesses, and get the most out of your cleaning service provider. 

Commercial cleaning services

  • Stand out from the competition and win more bids by providing better transparency, accountability, and peace of mind to clients.
  • Increase your productivity rate by getting clarity on your processes so you can improve them.
  • Make sure your staff is following the scope of work.

How does it work?

  1. Get wireless beacons powered by energy-efficient batteries that can run for years. Hand them and forget them. 
  2. Cleaning staff complete tasks without missing a beat. Mero beacons are zero-touch. No tap, manual input, or login is required. 
  3. Automated work logs are instantly generated and saved on the Mero Platform. Cleaner identities stay private. Work logging stops outside the building
  4. Get real-time history of when and where tasks are completed on the Mero Dashboard through a web browser or on your phone.

How MeroLite unlocks dynamic cleaning

We designed MeroLite to be a frictionless starting point. Improving cleaning operations cannot happen without first seeing what’s really happening on-site.

Property managers and commercial cleaning services now have a fast track to maximizing cleaning operation efficiency and an introduction to the benefits of the Mero platform. 

But that’s just the start. Cleaner activity data from MeroLite is enhanced ten folds when combined with traffic and consumables data from the full Mero platform.

More details below.

Mero built the Cleaning Control Centre for Commercial Buildings

Our full platform is a universal sensor & analytics platform that gives you real-time visibility over:

  • Cleaning staff visits
  • Consumables products
  • Washroom & building traffic 

By combining cleaner location with traffic and supply data, Mero helps you optimize cleaning workflows automatically. 

The status quo is for cleaning staff to follow static routines leading to:

  • Wasted consumables (staff pre-emptively throw away perfectly good supplies because they don’t know when they will be back in the washroom)
  • Redundant work (space that hasn’t been used is recleaned 5 times in a row) 
  • Wandering between areas (cleaner has to walk 20 minutes to reach the next task)
  • Wasted time by reacting to tenants' complaints (they send requests because paper rolls or dispensers are empty before cleaning staff can replace them)

With Mero, cleaning operations become dynamic:

  • Stop reacting to issues and start proactively preventing them.
  • Instantly route staff to the right spot at the right time based on usage and cleaning times - helping you clean faster and with no wasted effort. 
  • See how much time it takes to clean each area and how long it takes to respond to a request so you can spot gaps in your processes and fix them. 

Everything happens with surgical precision and on a just-in-time basis so you can minimize response time, tenant complaints, consumables waste, and staff downtime.

Beyond visibility: How Mero drives cost savings and higher productivity 

Save 35% on consumables with real-time alerts

Because cleaners follow strict routines, they are forced to pre-emptively replace supplies with up to 50% left every time they enter the washroom. 

Mero alerts your cleaners to refill at the optimal time so supplies are always stocked without any waste. 

Increase labor efficiency by 20% with smart routing 

Precise, targeted cleaning based on traffic means cleaners know which areas need attention immediately and which are lower priority. Cleaning staff can now prioritize important tasks and eliminate downtime and wandering. 

Prevent bad tenant experiences before hearing complaints

Mero alerts your cleaning teams instantly via mobile whenever dispensers are running empty so you can proactively fix issues instead of reacting to tenant complaints.

Bottom line: let’s give everyone peace of mind

Transparency is the new standard. 

Tenants are asking for it. They want to feel confident that the building where they go to work every day is safe, healthy, and meets cleaning mandates.

Property managers are asking for it. They want to see what’s happening in their buildings and if cleaning staff are following compliance. 

It’s the ONE thing you can implement in no time that will pay 100x dividends in the future by unlocking and maximizing new efficiencies. 

Talk to our experts to discover more use cases enabled by real-time data and learn more about how MeroLite can work for you. 

Mero Control Centre
See, validate, and prove cleaning tasks without adding extra work