Improve office cleaning efficiency with desk occupancy sensors

Tenants are using workspaces differently than they used to, and cleaning practices need to adapt.  Mero Spaces allows cleaners to clean only the areas that have been used, with desk occupancy sensing.

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Save up to 20% of cleaning labour with Dynamic Cleaning

Dynamic Cleaning is here to stay. Read here for a case study on how we saved a commercial property management company >10x in their cleaning costs.

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Made for the flex office space of the future

Schedule-based cleaning made sense in 2019, but we’re in 2022.  Cleaning areas 5+ times that haven’t been used is wasting your money and resources. 

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Incorporate any hardware or software

Mero can incorporate 3rd-party hardware devices that track occupancy to send alerts, or use their own devices for occupancy, desk sensing, and more.

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Customized thresholds for your building

Set thresholds for cleaning when they’re immediately needed, not later that day or on a pure routine basis. As little as one person can require a cleaning. Your building, your rules.
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Improve transparency to tenants

For the first time ever, tenants have transparency over the level of cleaning in the entire building. With Mero, you can start incorporating the most vital building areas we spend the most time in. Mero is your one-stop control centre for cleaning in a commercial space.

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