How Mero Works

Mero provides you with visibility across your cleaning operations and the insights needed to stop reacting to issues and start proactively preventing them.

Accurate monitoring

Monitor every facet of your cleaning operations with peel and stick sensors installed in 30 seconds. Wireless and battery-powered, they require no drilling, wiring, or modifications to your equipment.

Real-time alerts

By assessing traffic, supply, and cleaner location data, Mero alerts staff at the perfect time to refill and clean spaces so you can minimize response time, tenant complaints, consumables waste, and downtime.

Total visibility

Mero gives you a clear view of what’s happening on-site. History and length of cleaning sessions, supply level on every dispenser, occupancy data for every floor, sensor battery levels, and more. Everything is in real-time and available on a web or mobile dashboard.

Insights that matter

Data without action is useless. Custom-built reports show you insights you can act on immediately to improve processes directly tied to your P&L, revenue, or cash savings.

Redefining commercial cleaning efficiency

Without Mero

No visibility over what’s happening on-site, only guesses

Consumables are wasted and end up in landfills

Always playing catch and reacting to tenant complaint

Cleaning is based on routines. The same space is cleaned 5 times in a row even if never used

With Mero

Real-time visibility over cleaner tasks, occupancy, consumables

Up to 35% savings on consumables directly in cash savings

Proactively fixing issues before hearing tenant complaints

Precise, targeted cleaning based on usage saves you 20% in labor costs

3 ways Mero helps you
elevate tenant experience while saving costs

Cut consumables cost by up to 35%

Mero alerts cleaners to refill at the optimal time so your supplies are always stocked without any waste. Unlock savings that would otherwise be thrown out into landfills.

Prevent bad tenant experiences

Mero alerts your cleaning teams instantly via mobile whenever paper rolls or soap dispensers are empty so you can proactively fix issues instead of reacting to tenant complaints.

Verify cleaning compliances are met

Know for sure that cleaning is done right. Mero shows you real-time cleaning schedules including the length and history of cleanings so you can better align on the scope of work, goals, and pricing with your cleaning contractor.

Here’s what you can do with Mero

Supply Monitoring

Cut consumables waste with real-time alerts

Eliminate early refills, prevent tenant complaints and unlock massive cost savings every quarter.

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Occupancy Monitoring

Maximize efficiency with real-time occupancy monitoring

Get occupancy of offices, retail spaces, lobbies, or washrooms so you can prioritize cleaning, prevent tenant complaints and maximize labour efficiency.

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Cleaner Movement

Get transparency over cleaning activities

Mero is the most cost-effective way to get visibility over what cleaners are doing on-site and make sure they are following the scope of work.

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Tenant Experience

Give your tenants peace of mind

By displaying the cleanliness status of any area, Mero gives building occupants confidence that they are working in a safe, healthy office that meets cleaning mandates.

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