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About QuadReal Properties

In commercial real estate, expenses are always increasing. At Commerce Court, a large 50+ story office complex with over 7,000 visitors a day in downtown Toronto the property manager spends nearly $1M/year on consumables such paper towels, toiletries, and soap.


About Mero

Mero helps save 35% of these consumable costs instantly, meaning up to $350k per building saved annually through smart supply sensing and dispatching of cleaners. The best part was that these were cash savings, realized in the P&L of the property manager’s budgets. As soon as Mero’s peel-and-stick sensing solution is installed, it starts providing value. Real-time alerts to cleaning staff and smart routing allowed for full supply utilization by eliminating early

Our Products provide instant savings

As soon as Mero’s peel-and-stick sensing solution is installed, it starts providing value. Real-time alerts to cleaning staff and smart routing allowed for full supply utilization by eliminating early roll changes.
More than that, cleaners were able to spend their time conducting more valuable tasks, such as deep cleaning of railings, elevators, and stairways. This increase inefficiency resulted in 20% more labour efficiency.
What’s more, is that Mero provided all of this data in an easy-to-consume report for the property manager, with one-page summaries of KPI’s defined by the property allowing for actionable change.


~ $350,000
In annualized savings
Return on investment
Reduction in total operating costs
Rolls of paper diverted from landfills
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Mero Beacon for Cleaning Performance Improvements: How Ultra Shine Building Maintenance Changed the Dynamic of a Challenging Site

Century Casinos Inc.
Company Size
10 Hours saved
per Supervisor from driving to remote locations
25% Decreased
operating costs
10% Improved
client satisfaction

The Challenge

Ultra Shine faced the unique challenge of maintaining high-quality service levels around the clock at various casinos around Alberta. Due to the nature of the casinos' 24/7 operations and the frequent integration of new staff, ensuring consistent quality was a struggle.

The Outcome

Ultra Shine deployed Mero’s Cleaning Validation solution, and within weeks, realized significant benefit and improved the transparency of their cleaning team. By incorporating Mero's Cleaning Validation solution into their quality assurance processes, Ultra Shine has significantly enhanced their operational standards.

By allowing us to see in real-time what’s being consumed, building traffic and the movement flows of our employees, it allows us to make smarter decisions and understand site-by-site the unique challenges of each building and adapt our workflows to be more efficient.

George Boutsalis

Vice President at Impact Cleaning Services

About Ultra Shine

Ultra Shine Building Maintenance is a prominent commercial cleaning company based in Edmonton, Alberta. Founded in 2009, the company operates extensively across North America, providing cleaning services to over 25 million square feet of commercial space. Ultra Shine caters to a diverse range of facilities, including office and commercial buildings, shopping centers, industrial sites, casinos, recreational facilities, and manufacturing and logistics centers.

Ultra Shine is recognized for its innovative approach to commercial cleaning, which includes a strong emphasis on quality assurance, continuous improvement, and adopting the latest technological advances in the cleaning industry.

Before Mero

Casinos are a major part of Ultra Shine’s cleaning footprint, as they are 24/7 operations. Like any cleaning company, however, they deal with employee turnover and adherence to training standards set by the company.

At times, the company deals with junior staff tasked with many day-to-day cleaning responsibilities, and even with supervisors present on site, it can be difficult for management to ensure a high quality standard is met across all of these sites.

It was common for Operations Managers to have to drive 3+ hours to check-up on sites on a weekly basis, which was time-consuming, costly, and took a toll on the team at Ultra Shine.

Implementing Mero

Ultra Shine sought out Mero, and Mero set out to implement their Bluetooth-based cleaning verification system. Within a matter of days, the Mero team was able to install and implement the system within a suite of casino properties that Ultra Shine serviced.

Mero's innovative system acts as a "virtual supervisor," informing Ultra Shine management exactly what staff have done on site with the Mero Cleaning Validation product, especially when physical supervisors are busy or in training.

Now, managers and supervisors can check-in on the quality of work done at the site without physically needing to be there, saving them time and overhead, and overall improving the margin of the cleaning operation.

The Results

The integration of Mero's technology has had a transformative impact on Ultra Shine's service delivery. The data-driven insights provided by Mero allow Ultra Shine to uphold and prove the high quality of their services to their clients. This capability has not only solidified their existing contracts but has also facilitated the acquisition of new long-term clients. Currently, Ultra Shine utilizes Mero’s system across all their casino operations in Calgary and Edmonton, reinforcing their commitment to superior service and client satisfaction.
Upon review with Ultra Shine, the company saved 10 hours per week driving to remote locations, equating to thousands of dollars saved per month. This also allowed the company to focus on new markets and opportunities, while still being able to maintain their existing relationships with their clients.Next, the firm realized an actual reduction in operating costs by improving the output of cleaning team members. Through the use of Mero’s cleaning timestamps, they knew the staff that were underperforming and were able to implement training measures to improve the efficiency of these staff.
Finally, through the use of standard weekly reports sent to clients, Ultra Shine was able to prove the quality of their service, which improved their client satisfaction rates and improved the relationship with their client.

Looking Forward

It’s not uncommon for commercial cleaning teams to face challenges with staff and need a little extra help from technology. Mero represents a unique way to tackle these challenges, improve the lives of your operations team, and expand your client portfolio with a straightforward implementation process. 

Ultra Shine continues to leverage the power of Mero's Cleaning Validation technology to empower their operations teams. They are reducing driving times, improving supervisor effectiveness, and improving client relationships with Mero. As Ultra Shine grows their footprint throughout Alberta and California markets, they are bringing Mero to supercharge their standard cleaning practices.

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