Pearson Airport increases labor efficiency by 20%

Pearson Airport uses Mero to route staff efficiently to priority areas. By reducing unnecessary trips from parking garage restrooms, Pearson airport is increasing labor efficiency by 20%.


Increase in labor efficiency


Estimated reduction in total operating costs

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Prioritize cleaning based on usage

With Mero, cleaning isn’t based on schedule-based routines. Precise, targeted cleaning based on usage means cleaners know which areas need attention immediately and which are lower priority. Cleaning staff can now prioritize important tasks and eliminate downtime and wandering.

See what’s going on in your buildings

Mero gives you a clear view of what’s happening on-site. History and length of cleaning sessions, supply level on every dispenser, occupancy data for every floor, sensor battery levels, and more. Everything is in real-time and available on a web or mobile dashboard.

Maximize efficiency when occupancy varies

You can’t count on full building occupancy anymore, it now varies day by day. Mero helps you allocate cleaning labor based on busiest time so you get the most out of your cleaning staff.

Negotiate Contracts Based on Facts

If your building has 40% occupancy, does it make sense to pay for cleaning as if you had full occupancy? Get hard data to help you negotiate how much work needs to be done based on real-time traffic.

100% Secure

Mero collects no personal information from building visitors. All data is encrypted as per BLE standards.

30-Sec Installation

Our peel and stick sensors require no drilling, no alterations, and no wiring. They can be installed and replaced by anyone.

Wireless and Battery-powered

Mero sensors are powered by long-lasting lithium-ion batteries so you can set them and forget them. These can be replaced by on-site staff every 18 months.

Our Customers Loves Us

"We're using the [Mero] occupancy data to drive our optimized cleaning program. And we brought Mero in to try to close the gap, in terms of being able to know how many occupants there are in the building. The occupancy part is extremely important becuase our cleaning program uses that data to drive labor. So how much labor it needs to be assigned to a particular building."

Building Consultant, Mero API Partner

Consulting Company Owner, Mero API Partner

3 ways Mero helps you
elevate tenant experience while saving costs

Cut consumables cost by up to 35%

Mero alerts cleaners to refill at the optimal time so your supplies are always stocked without any waste. Unlock savings that would otherwise be thrown out into landfills.

Prevent bad tenant experiences

Mero alerts your cleaning teams instantly via mobile whenever paper rolls or soap dispensers are empty so you can proactively fix issues instead of reacting to tenant complaints.

Verify cleaning compliances are met

Know for sure that cleaning is done right. Mero shows you real-time cleaning schedules including the length and history of cleanings so you can better align on the scope of work, goals, and pricing with your cleaning contractor.

Frequently asked questions

What type of sensors do you use for occupancy traffic?
Our building has its own occupancy tracking. Can you use data from another system?
Do I need to cover my whole building to do occupancy tracking?
How do cleaners know which areas to clean? I can’t have people leaving one area to clean on the other side of the facility.
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