Changing Cleaning Schedules Due to COVID-19

5650 Yonge Street

The Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan (OTPP) is a government organization, and a COVID-19 outbreak at the building would have been extremely costly. As a result, these tenants mandated cleaning at least 5x per day in restrooms from their cleaning staff. With Mero, they were able to obtain the transparency they needed by seeing cleaning schedules in real-time, offering the organization assurance and peace of mind their contract cleaning company was performing.

About Mero

Mero helps cleaning staff target priority areas with real-time high traffic data and alerts.  The result is improved efficiency in spaces through optimal allocation of cleaner work. In the first three months at 5650 Yonge St, there was a decrease in time spent cleaning per visit of 49.3%, while cleaner visit frequency increased to maintain the higher standard of cleaning.

Our products provide instant savings

Cleaner visit logs provide evidence of cleaning with complete visibility over history and length of cleaning sessions. Provide tenants with peace of mind that the proper cleanings were done at the right time.
Visibility and auditing features allow both cleaning company and property manager to come to an agreement backed by data on what’s required to fufill COVID regulations and tenant requirements.
Save time with precise, targeted cleaning based on usage. Meet the highest cleanliness standards while reducing staff downtime and busywork. The right spaces are cleaned when needed and only when needed.


Decreased cleaning duration per visit
Projected labour cost savings, annualized
of Cleaner Visits under 45 seconds