Dynamic Cleaning Saves >$1M in Commercial Cleaning Costs


Real-timing building data has been a point of interest of commercial property managers for years now providing the confidence to implement cost saving measures on key operational items such as cleaning labour, consumables, HVAC, and more. 

In June 2020, Mero Technologies engaged in a smart sensing rollout across ~43 of a major commercial property manager’s portfolio buildings, with the assistance of a major consulting partner. This application allowed for significant savings within only 8 months across the customer portfolio. A significant savings benefit representing > 10x ROI investment into the Mero platform. The results from the Mero rollout proved an earlier hypothesis by commercial property managers that real-time data could open the door to significant savings, with the right application of analytics.


Once COVID-19 lockdown measures were put into place, most commercial offices saw their occupancy rate decrease to nearly zero. New measures needed to be put into place in order to stay competitive. Inefficiencies within a variety of line items for a commercial building were no longer acceptable. Property managers turned to technological solutions to solve some of the challenges property managers had faced for decades, but often had been ignored.

The Mero Solution

When the customer found the Mero solution, they found it solved their problems in three main ways:

Furthermore, Mero’s solution provided the transparency that tenants demanded to return to work safely. With the help of Comfort by Mero, the customers' tenants could see the real-time status of a restroom, and whether it was safe to enter the restroom based on recent traffic and supply levels.

Most importantly, Mero allowed cleaning staff to receive real-time information about the status of restrooms, so critical supplies such as paper towels would not run empty. Cleaning staff were equipped with mobile devices, so they could receive SMS/email alerts in real-time if a supply dispenser ran empty or if a higher than usual traffic threshold was reached in a restroom.

Labour Savings Methodology

Inefficient cleaning contracts that are based on static occupancy levels were replaced with dynamic solutions, powered by real-time data from Mero sensors.
In real-time, Mero was able to provide insights into current building occupancy, and with implementation from the consulting partner, Mero was able to help save >$1M in cleaning costs through dynamic cleaning.

The results were incredibly impactful, representing an >10x ROI on investment into the Mero system, and helping usher in a new era of dynamic cleaning for the commercial property management industry.

COVID-19 showed that the world has become dynamic, and similar to labour contracts, with the help of Mero, property managers’ will be able to realize dynamic ways of operating their businesses’ for the first time.