Win Better Tenants with Smart Building Technology

How You Can Improve Leasing with Mero

We all know by now that technology is going to be a driving force in getting tenants to return to the office, and we also know that COVID could lead to a future increase in revenues for commercial properties as we start to incorporate technologies into per square foot costing. The last piece of the puzzle? Finding the best quality tenants.

The best tenants are going to downsize at first, but that doesn't mean it will last forever. For example, Spotify made headlines by going “digital by default”, but still made it clear that “it was committed to keeping its recruitment hubs open in Toronto, Ottawa, Waterloo, Montreal and its soon-to-open Vancouver office as well as other global locations.”

The key to finding (and keeping) the best tenants will be to prioritize the workplace experience, and commercial property managers will be rewarded for these proactive efforts. Companies are looking for ways to reduce their space footprint while maximizing amenities for their employees, and partners like Mero can help building managers offer this, so they can get more revenue out of less space. 

These amenities include, of course, the fun perks like the gourmet cuisine, state-of-the-art fitness facility, and lounge rooms that Facebook and Google offices have made popular, but also much more fundamental features that tenants actually want post-pandemic, like smart spaces, improved air quality, and transparent building policies (especially around sanitization). 

Gone are the days of commercial buildings full of office spaces and not much else. If commercial real estate wants to thrive in the coming years, the office footprint is going to have to adapt to attract tenants and increase revenues. It’s true that some spaces will be repurposed for things like retail, gyms, and even residential, but what’s left needs to become a space that tenants actively want to be in. 

After all, the highest quality tenants will be willing to pay more per square foot for the space they want. Convene Services is showing how its done, with hotel-like services, amenities, and technology in two prime NYC buildings. They’re showing commercial landlords how, by improving the tenant experience, they can increase leasing velocity, occupancy, tenant retention, and the overall value of their property long term. 

Mero is an important part of improving the tenant experience. With a range of solutions to optimize cleaning, save on costs, and offer transparency to tenants around building cleanliness, Mero is helping commercial buildings stay ahead of the curve by creating a space high quality tenants feel comfortable in. 

Investing in your commercial properties now with improved building experiences, smart technology, and cost-saving initiatives like Mero will help you attract the highest quality tenants, increase your revenues, and future-proof your space. 

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