Nathan Mah
March 1, 2022

How to Secure the Highest Quality Cleaning Companies

Industries are changing all around the world. Manufacturing, shipping and logistics, retail and ecommerce, and healthcare are just a few of the industries that have had to adapt and will likely never be the same. 

It could be argued that real estate and public spaces have been and will continue to be affected the most; in fact, this past fall season saw office vacancies at their highest since 1994. Commercial cleaning and janitorial services are especially having to adapt in order to ensure buildings can maintain occupancy and ensure visitor comfort. 

As a commercial property manager, you have the option to use data to re-negotiate your commercial cleaning contracts. Of course, while everyone needs to continue to run their business, this should not be at the expense of your P&L. While profitability is important for everyone, data-driven approaches around cleaning can elevate your tenant experience, workplace productivity and overall profitability.

The way forward is with commercial cleaning companies that are thinking about your future business, and not just today. With changing building dynamics and the shift towards smaller officer footprints and more amenities, you need a transparent commercial cleaning partner that can work with you on proactively tackling these changes.

The growing trend is for your commercial cleaning company to use technology to drive their operations. You can seek out future cleaning contracts that are data driven with the use of a technology like Mero’s. After all - this is a win-win for both your property and the cleaning company.  Your building benefits from higher quality cleaning, and the cleaning company improves the efficiency of their operation by up to 20%

Smart washroom technology provided by Mero not only helps drive cleaner efficiency, reduce supply costs, and make data-driven decisions for your buildings, but also improves the comfort of guests with transparent cleaning practices. Many commercial cleaning companies are featuring Mero as a value-add, and it’s possible you can seek them out as well.

It’s clear that the world of commercial real estate is changing. In order to see change in the industry and move forward, we need to make choices that are industry leading and that future proof our spaces. Choosing a smart cleaning partner is a great step in that direction. 

Mero is partnered with Hallmark Housekeeping, Impact Cleaning, and several other forward thinking cleaning companies. Join the growing list of Mero-enabled partners today.

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