Nathan Mah
December 9, 2021

Smart Technology Is On The Rise: Why a Retrofit IoT Solution Makes Sense For Your Buildings 

IoT solutions have created a lot of buzz in the commercial real estate world lately, but how can property owners and managers make sense of them?

For Mero, smart washroom IoT technology can help you achieve cleaner, smarter buildings. The very best part about IoT solutions is how cost-effective they are: not only do they help you instantly save on labour and supply costs, but you don’t need to spend very much to get them up and running. 

Turning average, everyday devices like paper towel dispensers into a smart technology sounds expensive. But with Mero’s easy-to-install sensors, it’s incredibly easy.

Instant ROI and Quick Setup 

Good news: you can use all of your existing building technology and devices without any costly modifications or upgrades. Mero’s sensors can be applied within seconds without any significant modification or alteration to your equipment. That means, you can keep your existing supply contracts that you’ve worked so hard to negotiate. This means you’ll see instant ROI as soon as the sensors are deployed—not many solutions can offer that quick of a turnaround. 

This type of retrofit is a huge bonus for busy buildings that can’t afford to close off facilities for time-consuming, costly upgrades. At a time when access to clean, well-managed facilities is more important than ever, property managers need solutions that make sense. And Mero IoT tech provides exactly that. 

Mero can help save 35% of supplies immediately with more effective supply roll changes.

Property Management Just Got Easier

If you’re looking for a solution to better manage and track the cleanliness of your buildings, there are not many other options out there for you. You’ll find many generalist solutions on the market related to occupancy, but most involve expensive, time consuming equipment conversions and building upgrades for the same information and data you can get for simple, retrofit sensors. 

With Mero, you’ll get a tailored IoT solution for the commercial cleaning use case.  You’ll get the oversight you need, while saving on labour and supply costs and skipping expensive upfront CAPEX and set up costs. Plus, with such a fast set up time, you can get significant results while overhauling your buildings’ cleanliness in a matter of days. 

The Bottom Line

Smart technology is everywhere and commercial cleaning is finally starting to catch up. Take the comfort of your guests to the next level with incredibly easy-to-install IoT technology that works with everything you have already. Not only is it a cost-effective solution, but it also helps you better manage your buildings, with ROI generated in months, not years. It’s time for commercial cleaning to catch up to the present and get smarter, faster.

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