Nathan Mah
September 30, 2021

ICYMI: Nathan Mah, Co-Founder of Mero, sits down with Mayuran Yogarajah of Index Exchange in a Fireside Chat

Mero's Co-Founder, Nathan Mah, sat down with Mayuran Yogarajah, Distinguished Engineer at Index Exchange, at Mero's offices in Toronto, ON.

From IX Labs:

IX Labs’ first-ever capital investment, Mero Technologies, is an IoT startup that combines hardware and software to provide a technology foundation that brings dynamic cleaning to commercial buildings. Mero’s peel-and-stick sensors, which monitor supply and traffic levels, provide real-time alerts to property managers who are able to manage custodial services much more efficiently, saving time and reducing waste. Read more here or watch the inaugural IX Labs Fireside Chat between Mayuran Yogarajah, Head of IX Labs, and Nathan Mah, Mero Co-Founder, below.

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