Mero delivers dramatic results, fast


Savings on consumables

4.5 mos

Average time to get positive ROI


Average reduction in total operating costs

The Cleaning Control Center for Commercial Buildings

With Mero, cleaning is based on real-time data - not static routines. Property managers and cleaning teams can now clean spaces and refill dispensers with surgical precision, reducing consumables and labor costs.


Supply Monitoring

Monitor your building’s dispensers in real-time, save on costs, reduce waste, and keep them well-stocked.


Occupancy Monitoring

View occupant traffic in real-time, identify hotspots and peak times so you can optimize your spending.


Cleaner Movement

Get a real-time look into the movements of cleaners and proof of work with history and length of cleaning sessions.


Tenant Experience

Give tenants peace of mind that any space is clean with our tenant experience app.

100M+ ft²

Of space optimized by Mero


Buildings successfully installed & operating with Mero

4K+ kg

Of waste diverted

Prevent bad tenant experiences before hearing complaints

Mero alerts your cleaning teams instantly via mobile whenever paper rolls or soap are empty so you can proactively fix issues instead of reacting to tenant complaints.

Go from reactive to proactive

Reduce labour by 20%

Increase tenant satisfaction

“As soon as the Mero system was on, the alerts for the toilets paper sensors would let us know it’s empty. We’re now getting fewer requests and complaints from tenants. That’s a huge plus for customers satisfaction”


Assistant Property Manager

Cut consumables waste with real-time alerts

Because cleaners are used to following routines, they pre-emptively replace paper rolls and soap with up to 50% still left. With Mero, cleaners replace consumables when needed and only when needed.

Save up to 35% on consumables

Receive more budget with cash savings to improve your buildings

Lower your environmental footprint

“Mero helped us save 35% on consumables costs instantly, meaning up to $100k per building saved annually. Sensors are installed in a matter of minutes, meaning cash savings can be realized in the P&L of the first annual budget after rollout. ”

Get complete visibility on or off-site

Mero brings transparency over history and length of cleaning sessions, cleaner movement, and more. Rest easy knowing that everyone is following the scope of work. And you can now negotiate cleaning contracts based on accurate proof of work, not pen and paper logs.

Accurate proof of work

Better negotiation for contract renewals

Give peace of mind to tenants

“We can see exactly what our people onsite are doing. We can find ways to improve our processes and become more efficient. By giving more visibility to our clients, we keep ourselves and everyone accountable. Mero raises the standard in the industry.”



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