“Waze for Cleaners” - ROI in 90 days

Eliminating unnecessary trips to areas that did not see any traffic saved >20% of cost and time

About Pearson Airport

As the 3rd busiest airport in North America, passenger experience is important, however costs are always rising. With over 47 million passengers boarding per year, maintaining a smooth and efficient operation can be difficult, and millions are spent on the cleaning + consumables budget per year.


About Mero

Mero helps save 35% of these consumable costs instantly, meaning up to $100k+ per building saved annually. Sensors are installed in the matter of minutes, meaning cash savings can realized in the P&L of the first annual budget after rollout. Mero is already deployed with YYZ and LGW.

Our Products Provide Instant Savings

As soon as Mero’s peel-and-stick sensing solution is installed, it starts providing value. Real-time alerts to cleaning staff allowed for full supply utilization by eliminating early roll changes. The best part: the simple30 second installation is handled by the same cleaning staff.
At Pearson, there are several parking garage restrooms that takeover 20 mins daily to travel to and clean, despite less than 5 people using the restroom. By reducing trips to every other day, the customer improved labour efficiency by 20%.
What’s more, is that Mero provided all of this data in an easy-to-consume report for the operations manager, with summaries of KPI’s defined by the airport allowing for actionable change.

Pilot Results

~ $25,000
In annualized savings
Reduction in total operating costs
Reduction in trips to unnecessary areas