Earlier this month, Mero Technologies and Premise HQ Saas Inc. announced a new partnership taking a step towards streamlined and actionable data collection for property managers.

Property managers excel by being able to juggle a multitude of responsibilities, including tenant experience, air quality, space utilization, and more. This results in property managers’ often using multiple platforms and interfaces to access data that can be leveraged to provide actionable insights. Forward-thinking management companies’ have rolled out platform solutions in expectation of smart building solutions becoming a mainstay in commercial office, and it’s expected to continue well into 2021 and beyond.

The result of having many different use cases and dashboards means the property management user experience is disrupted, necessitating the development of a better solution. The integration between smart building vendors can provide a partner unified experience to property managers with real-time access to a more centralized view of data. Together, Mero and Premise can provide this smart solution.

This partnership is a one-of-a-kind vertical solution for property managers. QuadReal Property Group is an example of a customer testing this streamlined user experience. With a single workflow for all real estate data systems, managers at QuadReal will be able to access real-time data from both smart building vendors with a more centralized and consolidated view. The result is return on investment in time savings for property managers, as well as a central source of data to track various ROI metrics from other smart building platforms, including supply and labour savings through Mero’s analytics.

Most managers use up to a dozen or more programs on a daily basis to do their jobs which means they have several logins and interfaces to keep track of, decreasing productivity. This problem is only exacerbated across the portfolio. As smart building technology scales across our cities and countries, having a scalable data ecosystem approach will be the key to smooth user experiences and ROI.

This first-in-market partnership works to eliminate disturbances in workflows. Leading management companies can greatly benefit from the practicality of combining data in a single-pane-of-glass solution. Having the ability to log into a single unified platform and access a building or a portfolio’s actionable data, tracking the performance and the return on various smart building investments just makes sense. For property managers, time is money, and the partnership signals an investment into streamlined workflows for efficiency in daily operations.

Mero & Premise are demonstrating how smart building vendors can collaborate with one another to provide a streamlined solution for all property managers. This is the first step towards scaling data and smart building technology across property management portfolios.

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