What You Need to Know About COVID-19 Critical Sanitary Supply

We’re still feeling the need for critical sanitary supply thanks to COVID-19, and in recent months, the best way to react to the continuing ripples of the virus’ supply chain upheaval has become clearer than ever.

When it comes to managing crucial hygiene supplies for your building, the standard usage patterns of the past decade are no longer relevant. New patterns are emerging, and as a result, the era of COVID-19 supply chains are shifting toward on-demand ordering.

Of course, the problem for many building managers is knowing how to predict this novel demand pattern to meet the pressing and legitimate needs for sanitization supply requirements.

Failure to have adequate soap, sanitizer, and personal hygiene supplies in your buildings is more than an inconvenience: it’s the difference between being able to do business and not. It’s the difference between having clients and employees who feel safe, or having to deal with the disintegration of company trust and accountability.

We’re in unchartered territory, but thanks to Mero, you have a map.

Mero Dynamic Detection: An Answer to the COVID-19 Critical Sanitary Supply Shortage

Mero’s technology detects supply usage in real-time. It provides building managers and suppliers the information they require to understand, predict, and prepare for their customers’ supply ordering behaviour and usage.

This sharing of information means that buildings won’t run low on supplies, since their needs have already been anticipated, and the stock has been accumulated. The ability to order on demand and manage cleaning staff accordingly has paid off for various Mero customers, who are already benefiting from a significant ROI thanks to real-time cleaner staffing and supply ordering.

Real-time supply tracking and inventory management is the future of how the commercial property management industry will source supplies, and Mero’s innovative business model is bringing this technology to life.

2020 and the start of 2021 has delivered enough surprises — don’t let COVID-19 related critical sanitary supply shortages continue. From Zoom meetings to 3D printing, if there is one thing this year has taught us, it’s that we need to use technology to its full advantage to keep people safe and businesses afloat.

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