Nathan Mah
October 27, 2021

Using Data to Drive Commercial Cleaning Contract Decisions

We live in a data-driven society, but not all industries have taken advantage of that. It’s no secret that commercial cleaning and commercial property management are examples of industries in particular that are lagging behind the times, despite the fact that it’s such a crucial service. Thorough and trackable cleaning is mission critical for buildings in order to reinforce the comfort and wellbeing of visitors.

Here’s how we can take cleaning and hygiene to the next level.

Insight Into Cleaning Performance

Most property management firms will hire their contract cleaners and subjectively monitor their performance. With the difficulty of managing commercial cleaners on a day-to-day basis, one can’t blame property managers for doing this. Property managers now can access easy-to-digest, helpful data that informs important contract decisions for their buildings. They can access data to see exactly how quickly (or slowly) cleaners are responding to alerts and taking care of issues. They’ll also get detailed, automated cleaner work logs for actionable, reliable data that paints a bigger picture. The result could be thousands of dollars saved by having valuable data as ammunition come renewal time.

It’s not all one-sided; the same can be said for commercial cleaning companies looking to stand out when it comes to their work. The trend is transparency, and Mero provides those insights. These insights can help property managers not only allocate resources better and more efficiently, but they can also help managers choose the right cleaning service for their specific needs based on tangible data.

For example, you might notice that cleaners are responding to alerts 30% slower than cleaners in other, comparable buildings. This type of data can help you figure out how to make your buildings cleaner and more efficient.

Non-Invasive Tech Focused On Privacy Protection

Privacy is more of a concern than ever, and being on the clock doesn’t change that. Property managers can get the information they need to make business-critical decisions without invading the privacy of the cleaning staff. All with cleaner buy-in, too. Our sensors don’t transmit any audio, video, images, or sensitive information, and the automated cleaner worklogs give you important details like location and status, but nothing invasive. Once you leave the building, your involvement with the system is done.

With Mero’s groundbreaking technology, property managers can save on labour and supply costs while also making big-picture decisions based on actual, reliable data to save even more money.

Monitoring the cleanliness of your building has never been more important. Giving guests a safe, comfortable experience in your buildings means not only involving technology, but using that technology to its full capabilities. With Mero’s technology, we give you all the tools you need to save money, clean more efficiently and effectively, and get more insight into your buildings’ activities, all using clean, easy-to-understand data.

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