Nathan Mah
August 17, 2021

Mero Technologies Announces a Partnership with Poppy to Provide Advanced Solutions for Safe Return-to-Work

Mero Technologies, a Toronto-based IoT company providing a cleaning and hygiene platform for commercial buildings with sensors, has announced a one-of-a-kind partnership with Poppy, a San Francisco-based biotechnology company that provides a rapid pathogen-sensing platform for indoor environments.

The modern infrastructure of smart buildings enables the integration of technology to significantly improve user experience while maintaining health and safety. As the world returns to work in a pandemic, this infrastructure is critical to employees' well-being and safety.

Mero is providing clients with smart cleaning solutions that prioritize employee’s health and safety while also allowing ROI-generating insights in commercial real estate.

Poppy collects and analyzes samples from the site’s air and surfaces and uses a customized dashboard to provide rapid alerts and response plans. This partnership will provide a streamlined integration providing pathogen data to critical first-response staff, including cleaning staff, from both vendors.

With the partnership with Poppy, clients will benefit from having pathogen sensing data and alerts integrated on Mero’s dashboard, offering uniform information for property managers and cleaners. Cleaning staff will receive real-time alerts to exposures in order to properly act and coordinate with building staff to respond to the alerts.

In coping with the pandemic in a newly-reopened world, actionable data regarding maintaining sanitation and detecting COVID-19 is essential to keeping communities safe . Together, Mero and Poppy provide a sophisticated solution to detect infections in the air and surfaces, including SARS-CoV-2 transmission, and provide a dynamic cleaning solution making all workplaces safer to return back to.

About Mero: Mero Technologies is an IoT company providing smart labor allocation and supply utilization to commercial property managers powered by smart sensing technology. Their vision is to optimize the way buildings perform day-to-day cleaning maintenance.

About Poppy: Poppy is the world’s first commercially available pathogen sensing and detection network, monitoring both air and surfaces for thousands of pathogens, including the COVID-19 virus. The company’s mission is to empower communities to gain quick, actionable information about their indoor environments, revealing pathogens and leading better, safer, and healthier lives.

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