Mero Technologies and PremiseHQ SaaS Inc. launch a partnership, taking a step toward streamlined and actionable data collection for property managers

Toronto, Ontario - Mero Technologies, a Toronto based IoT company providing smart labor allocation and supply utilization to commercial property managers, announced a partnership with PremiseHQ SaaS Inc - a platform centralizing all smart building data systems through one application, “a single pane of glass solution”. The partnership signals a step towards a more streamlined process with actionable and centralized data for property managers.

With an ongoing battle of the pandemic and an increase in the importance of work environment safety, the percentage of employers collecting data to improve workflow and health & safety through sensors and other monitoring tools have increased. With collected metrics from several sources, data can be leveraged to provide actionable insights to provide a cleaner and more sustainable environment. Mero has been able to provide ROI generating insights on cleaner labour and allocation to influence scheduling during the COVID-19 pandemic and looks to expand this use case as tenants return to office spaces. This data is improved via the data ecosystem created by Premise HQ.

All of the data collected from smart building technologies is critical for property managers going forward and the integration between Mero and PremiseHQ will provide property managers with a stand-alone, point solution with real-time access to a more centralized and consolidated view of this actionable data. Together, Mero and Premise can provide a smart and sustainable solution for property managers.

About Mero Technologies: Mero Technologies is an IoT company providing smart labor allocation and supply utilization to commercial property managers powered by smart sensing technology. Their vision is to optimize the way buildings perform day-to-day cleaning maintenance.

About PremiseHQ SaaS Inc.: Premise’s platform (GroundFloor) is a cloud-based data fusion software that allows you to integrate stand-alone, point solutions for a consolidated view of all of your data so that you and your team can make informed decisions. This “single pane of glass” approach allows for increased growth, improved ROI and overall operational excellence.

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