Less Busy, More Vital: Commercial Cleaning Solutions in the Age of COVID-19

How to gain comfort back: Smart Cleaning Technology in the Age of COVID-19

People today looking for innovation to improve upon current cleaning solutions, are faced with an unprecedented imbalance: buildings are less busy and there are less cleaning staff due to today’s economic conditions. Yet, The need for more with less is at a critical stage in cleaning and hygiene. It’s more important than ever to keep our facilities clean.

This is the paradoxical reality of life in the era of COVID-19, and it’s a stark and startling reality that requires immediate innovation to Smart cleaning technology.

Not only do facilities need to be cleaned more regularly, Cleaners need to be able to respond to restroom conditions in real-time.

Critical products like sanitizer, soap and paper towels, must be monitored and are becoming costly with more compliance.

In short, Smart cleaning technology needs to be able to predict as well as respond to dynamically changing use of consumable sanitization products with a reduced workforce.

So how do you do this?

Smart Cleaning Technology for the COVID-19 Era

More and more companies are finding value in people and supply tracking technology for dynamic cleaning, allowing them to track cleaning and supply needs remotely and respond immediately. This technology is not necessarily new however, in the last few months, leaps and bounds have been made to further refine and develop the tech to respond to the pandemic world in which we live.

As part of this response, Mero has developed multi-faceted Intelligent cleaning technology that can help people return to work feeling comfortable/safe, and help customers visit your building with peace of mind.

Whether your cleaning staff needs to top up soap or a bathroom has experienced a surge in traffic and needs to be cleaned, our Mero suite of technology notifies cleaning staff in real-time so they can take action.

What’s more, because your building maintenance managerial team will be able to monitor and track trends in traffic and supply usage, you will be able to dynamically plan cleaning staff schedules and replace supplies.

I invite you to learn more about our Mero intelligent cleaning technology. Contact us for a free demo today.

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