Nathan Mah
November 24, 2021

Introducing: Spaces by Mero

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of our newest product, Spaces by Mero.

Spaces will allow property managers to dispatch cleaning staff to areas that have been utilized in real-time.  This will include areas such as desks, lobbies, seating areas, and more.

We couldn’t be more excited to release this at such a critical time when we plan for our return to public spaces. 

See how it works below.

Spaces throughout the course of a work-day in a commercial office setting

Set thresholds for your building

Set thresholds for cleaning when they’re immediately needed, not later that day or on a pure routine basis. As little as one person can require a cleaning. Your building, your rules.

Incorporate any hardware 

Mero can incorporate 3rd-party hardware devices that track occupancy to send alerts, or use their own devices for occupancy, desk sensing, and more. 

Real-time cleaning in all areas of the building

For the first time ever, cleaning staff have transparency over the entire building, incorporating the most vital building areas we spend the most time in.  Mero is your one-stop control centre for cleaning in a commercial space.

Spaces has already been deployed in some of the leading commercial settings, including lobbies and tenant spaces.

We’re excited to hear your feedback on this exciting new product. For more information, Request a Demo today.

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