Cole MacDonald
January 20, 2022

Feature Announcement: Report Builder

Mero is excited to officially release its Report Builder feature, which will allow users to have customizable, tailored reports on their buildings right at their fingertips on Mero's smart washroom solution.

Custom Reports are available in the Report Builder feature

Users have been asking for more ways to access and explore their building’s cleaning data. With Report Builder, users can filter everything related to consumables and occupancy in their building. 

Quoting one of Mero’s customers, the Report Builder feature helps users “optimize [cleaning] and go from more of a schedule-based to a usage-based approach to reduce waste — with [not only] the waste of time of the actual cleaners themselves, but also the waste of the consumables. And that's important.” 

Wondering if that tenant on the 12th floor has been in the office today? If your cleaning team is adjusting their schedule according to occupancy? Interested in using occupancy to control energy consumption? Report Builder can help.

Occupancy can be used to set dynamic cleaning schedules, saving time and money for properties.

Reports can be customized and placed on a custom dashboard, or users can select from a list of pre-made reports.  Data can then be exported as a CSV or PDF to share with your team or  imported into tools like Excel or PowerBI.

At Mero, we’ve always been focused on driving usable insights to our users.  Report Builder is one example of how we are continuously providing users new ways to explore their data. 

Report Builder is now available to managers on the Dash solution at no additional cost.  

We will continue launching new products that help provide usable insights to our customers in 2022. Request a demo today to learn more.

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