Smart Building Technology For a More Productive and Efficient Cleaning Workforce

Almost every system in society has become more efficient and automated over the years—except for cleaning. In fact, aside from slightly better cleaning products and tools, the act of cleaning hasn’t really changed at all in centuries. But that’s going to change.

In fact, it is changing. It’s time for cleaning to catch up and embrace smart building technologies to not only boost cleaning productivity, but save money.

The business of keeping buildings clean is challenging, and has been for years. There’s a high rate of worker turnover, constant client dissatisfaction, wasted supplies, and more. Some of the biggest, more obvious difficulties are problems as simple as scheduling the right number of cleaners, gaining entry to the building, regular check ins, and tracking tasks. Luckily, these issues are also the easiest to fix thanks to Mero’s smart building technology and buy-in from the cleaning workforce.

The Smart Building Technology That Optimizes Cleaning and Productivity

Technology like Mero can automate and instantly solve all of these issues to save you significant time and money. Combining cleaning services with technology just makes sense.

Here’s how Mero does it:

• Real-time supply monitoring directs cleaners to where they need to go, which makes them more efficient and less likely to waste supplies on unneeded refills.

• Mero Traffic helps track cleaners’ progress, check ins and high traffic areas that need more attention.

• Mero Comfort takes your building’s cleaning tech to the next level by providing displays with high-value statistics that ensures the comfort and safety of everyone while simultaneously automating even more cleaning issues.

Mero is the cleaning solution for modern, efficient buildings. It’s the full service solution that provides valuable, real-time data to property managers without infringing on anyone’s privacy.

Increased data doesn’t have to mean increased surveillance or employee tracking. Thanks to the range of Mero solutions, privacy is prioritized and respected. Because Mero works through independent hardware and no apps are downloaded on phones, Mero products and services are transparent to users.

Efficiency and cost savings can be easily achieved without sacrificing privacy or cutting corners on cleaning. Help your building level up to a cleaner, safer, and productive environment thanks to smart building technology.

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