Get service validation you can trust

Get daily reports on cleaner tasks on a site-by-site level: which spaces have been cleaned or not, at what time, how long it took, and by which staff member. These metrics are impartial and require no manual input. Everything is delivered on an easy-to-read and fully filterable dashboard.

Extreme scalability

Mero’s ease of implementation and flexible pricing make it an ideal solution for deployments across hundreds or thousands of sites.

Save 1 hour per cleaner each shift

Mero beacons require no tap, manual input, or login. Get accurate work logs automatically without disrupting your cleaners.

Lightning-fast deployments

Pre-configured geofences, according to your floorplans and training videos, get your team up and running in record time.

Hold cleaners accountable and prevent tenant complaints

Verify cleaners follow the scope of work from an objective source, free of human error. Managers can easily spot incomplete tasks so they can proactively fix issues instead of reacting to tenant complaints.

Increase productivity during a labor shortage

By showing at a glance unfinished tasks and how long cleaners are spending in each space, Mero helps managers fix problems faster, improve workflows and clean more square feet per hour.

Eliminate email back and forths

Get time-stamped task lists, upload the scope of work, create work orders, get notifications for incomplete tasks, and more - everything you need to deliver a superior level of service consistently while eliminating menial tasks.

Maintain compliance without being on-site with Custom Alerts

Need cleaners to spend at least 15 minutes cleaning a space? Need to know when an employee didn't show up for their work shift? Create a custom rule and get notified instantly.

Impress clients with Custom Heatmaps and Reports

Stand out from the competition by proving that cleaning is done according to the scope of work using real-time data. Show exact timestamps of how fast you took care of high-priority incidents and every instance where your team fulfilled specific mandates.

How it Works

100% automated work logs

Bluetooth beacons monitor cleaner activities in real-time without disrupting day-to-day workflows.

Site-by-site reports

Get a detailed history of when and where cleaning sessions are done.

Smart Routing

Route staff to the right spot at the right. Clean faster with no wasted effort.


“Verification of the cleaning is invaluable to our customers. We can show with a report that our cleaners has been in a space. It provides assurances to our customers that the area was actually serviced.”

Christopher King
Senior Vice President at Hallmark Housekeeping Services Inc.

“We can see exactly what our people onsite are doing. We can find ways to improve our processes and become more efficient. By giving more visibility to our clients, we keep ourselves and everyone accountable. Mero raises the standard in the industry.”

George Boutsalis
Vice President at Impact Cleaning Services

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