Know for sure what’s happening on-site

Manual work entries are inaccurate. Tags cannot show you what cleaners are doing between entering and leaving the building. Mero gives you a detailed history of when and where tasks are completed throughout the day without disrupting your staff.

Automated work logs

Save your cleaning staff the hassle of manual work entries. Get accurate work logs automatically without disrupting day-to-day workflows.

Proof of work

Get evidence that compliance mandates, SLAs and the scope of work are being met. Keep everyone accountable and renegotiate contracts based on facts.

Smart routing

Instantly route staff to the right spot at the right time based on usage and cleaning times. Mero helps you clean faster with no wasted effort.

Verify cleaners are following the scope of work

Don’t settle for spotty work logs. Mero gives you a clear view of what’s happening with your cleaning staff on-site: which spaces have been cleaned, at what time, for how long, and by which staff member.

Increase your productivity rate

Get data-based insights on cleaner performance. When do cleaners need to go into this space? How long will they spend there? Quickly spot problem areas so you can improve processes and clean more square feet per hour.

Bring hard data to contract negotiations

Would you sign a million dollar contract based on pen and paper logs?

Mero’s automated work logs provide property managers and commercial cleaners with accurate data when it’s time to define cleaning mandates and verify the scope of work.

Give peace of mind to clients and tenants

Cleaner visit logs provide evidence of cleaning with complete visibility over the history and length of cleaning sessions. Provide tenants with peace of mind that the proper cleanings were done at the right time.

100% anonymous

Mero hardware collects no personal information from building visitors and cleaner identities stay private. Work logging stops outside the building.

No disruptions

Mero beacons are zero-touch. No tap, manual input, or login is required. Cleaners go about their day without missing a beat.

Energy-efficient and wireless

Mero beacons are powered by long-lasting lithium-ion batteries that can run for years. Set them and forget them.

Our Customers Loves Us

“We can see exactly what our people onsite are doing. We can find ways to improve our processes and become more efficient. By giving more visibility to our clients, we keep ourselves and everyone accountable. Mero raises the standard in the industry.”

George, Owner

- George, Owner

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