About Us

Our Mission: to foster beautiful, healthy, and sustainable urban environments for all

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster beautiful, healthy, and sustainable urban environments for all.

We understand that caring for our commercial real estate has become more complex, yet the basic dynamics of great tenant experience has never changed.

One thing that has changed is that our world is more dynamic now than ever, and at Mero, we are bringing the future of dynamic cleaning.

Founding Team

Cole MacDonald

Technical Co-Founder

Nathan Mah

Business Co-Founder

Our Story

Mero was started with a personal story. Cole MacDonald was working at one of Canada’s largest property management firms. While there, his main responsibility was to create a spreadsheet from manual logs completed by cleaning staff. He realized that these types of spreadsheets were often used as the only source of data for multimillion dollar contract tenders for the whole property management industry.

After leaving his role, Cole asked himself: “There must be a better way to record this data, and in real-time”. He then created the first PoC that started Mero, teamed up with Nathan, and the company was born.
Mero continues on the same path, to provide transparency and the level of data to the commercial property management industry they’ve always dreamed of, and have expanded their solutions to further verticals, including retail, healthcare, transportation, entertainment and more.

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